An introductory lecture by Barry Carpenter CBE (Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University)

How will it be for children when they return to school? It would be naive to think that they will pick up where they left off on the day their school went into lock down.

Barry Carpenter CBE (Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University) and Matthew Carpenter (Principal at a Baxter College, UK) have been analysing the loss children have suffered during this time, and the potential anxiety and trauma it may cause, with significant impact on their ability to learn effectively.

Barry and Matthew have been analysing the loss children have suffered during this time, and the potential anxiety and trauma it may be causing, with significant impact on their ability to learn effectively.

Together, they have developed the construct of a Recovery Curriculum, enabling schools to consider the processes they will need to put in place to successfully transition children back to school.

As the word ‘construct’ suggests, this is a process of building, of co-constructing, a curriculum that is responsive to the needs of children, that harvests their experience and makes sense of it emotionally as well as cognitively.”

Their ideas are contained in a Think Piece entitled “A Recovery Curriculum: Loss and Life for our children and schools post pandemic” which is available for you to read and share with colleagues at:

To explore and develop what a Recovery Curriculum might look like in the context of a school’s existing curriculum, LearningShared and Evidence for Learning will be hosting a series of conversations with school leaders, practitioners and researchers over the coming weeks.

In this first episode: Barry Carpenter provides an introductory lecture with slides that will delve deeper into some of the ideas, concepts and research behind the Recovery Curriculum Think Piece and begin to think about questions that leaders and practitioners can ask of each other as they prepare to lead the recovery.

The video below contains the audio from LearningShared Episode 1 with visual slides from the presentation.

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In the subsequent episodes, we’ll discuss and explore practical approaches with a number of school leaders, practitioners and researchers asking and diving into questions such as:

– How will you identify and understand your students’ own sense and experience of loss? (Identifying loss)

– How will you adapt and develop your curriculum for recovery (Responding with recovery)

– What do you see as the key leadership values in leading recovery at your school? (Compassionate leadership)

A visual version of the podcast episode with slides is available on YouTube at:

Join the conversation about The Recovery Curriculum:

Clearly any form of Recovery Curriculum will need to be unique to each and every school, contextualised to the ethos, culture and values of that school, as well as its existing curriculum and crucially reflecting and addressing the needs and aspirations of its unique population of learners.

We have created private groups in LinkedIn and Facebook where colleagues and peers can discuss and share thoughts, ideas, experiences, resources and learning in relation to education and provision post pandemic. The groups are also an opportunity to connect people and help you to build a network that can support you on your own important journey over the coming months.

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