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Mental Well Being – plans and possibilities (Conference, 29th JUNE 2021)

LearningShared: Online EfL SEND Community Event – Conference (ZOOM Meeting) Date: Tue 29th June 2021 Time: 10am Duration: 2 hrs Theme: Mental Well Being – plans and possibilities (Conference) We’re delighted to invite you and/or any of your colleagues to... Read More

Episode 19: Engagement (Part 3) – Panel Discussion – Innovations around Engagement

The episode builds on Episodes #17 and #18 “Engagement (Part 1) & (Part 2)” and continues the exploration of Engagement. Prof. Barry Carpenter CBE OBE FCCT and Beverley Cockbill discuss the topic of Engagement with a panel of guests: Vijita... Read More

Episode 18: Engagement (Part 2) – Panel Discussion – Reflections on Engagement

The episode builds on Episode #17 “Engagement (Part 1)” and continues the exploration of Engagement. Prof. Barry Carpenter CBE OBE FCCT discusses the topic of Engagement with a panel of guests: Vijita Patel (Swiss Cottage School Development & Research Centre)... Read More

Episode 17: Engagement (Part 1) – What you really need to know about Engagement

The episode explores the genesis of Engagement, its relevance and application to vulnerable children with a whole range of learning needs. In a lecture presentation entitled “What you really need to know about Engagement”, Prof. Barry Carpenter CBE OBE FCCT... Read More

Episode 16: Special Episode for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: When will we talk about the mental health of our children?

In this special episode of LearningShared, recorded for Mental Health Awareness Week, Barry Carpenter CBE (Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University asks this question and provides a lecture exploring important threads and dynamics in considering the mental... Read More

Episode 15: A Recovery Curriculum Part 15: Reflections on Recovery …Reigniting Children’s Learning

This episode is a recording of the online conference and webinar that was held on 15th July 2020. The event and this recording contains presentations and talks from Professor Barry Carpenter and Dr Tina Rae, as well as a 65... Read More

Episode 14: A Recovery Curriculum Part 14: Alex Tomkins (Inquiry & SEMH… Is recovery the new ‘spark’ needed in our practice?)

In this episode Alex Tomkins, Deputy Headteacher at Greenside School in Hertfordshire, raises some challenging questions. Social emotional and mental health (SEMH) is now a key component of the curriculum for children with special educational needs. Yet as a teaching... Read More

Episode 13: A Recovery Curriculum Part 13: Katie Fielding (Our Rainbow Experience)

In this episode, Katie Fielding, Deputy Head, Kingsbury Primary Special School, describes their Rainbow Experience curriculum developed at the school. In a very detailed presentation, Katie tackles pertinent topics such as the transition back to school from Lockdown and uses... Read More

Recovery Curriculum Conference / Webinar: “Reflections on Recovery …Reigniting Children’s Learning” (15th July 2020)

We’re hosting an online conference /webinar to pull together the incredible amount of development and work that has gone into planning and enacting the recovery and transition back to effective learning for our children and young people. The conference will... Read More

Episode 12: A Recovery Curriculum Part 12: Leigh Blakeman & Amy Hockey (Routes to Recovery through Books Beyond Words)

This episode looking at resourcing a Recovery Curriculum, draws on a school-based inquiry project, the Open Book, that ran over 2 years and concluded at the beginning of 2020. It reports the development work and outcomes of the project which... Read More