Evidence for Learning has transformed how hundreds of SEND schools, colleges and provisions are able to evidence, assess, review and plan for meeting the unique needs of their SEND learners, especially in light of the Rochford Review.

The app allows ALL stakeholders in a child, young person or adult’s learning and development to quickly and easily gather photo and video evidence, linked to the individual’s learning goals as well as any key skills frameworks. Observations can be annotated and tagged to reflect your school’s basket of indicators in an instant. Evidence for Learning supports ANY assessment framework and ANY assessment model – including evidencing and tracking progress against individual learning intentions and targets related to Education Health & Care (EHC) Plans. What’s more, teachers can easily amend and add to these goals over time in order to respond to a learners’ ongoing needs and development.

All evidence gathered is automatically organised by the app and readily available on-demand to anyone in the school. Stakeholders can search for and sort evidence by any attribute, and schools use these features to save time and be better informed during planning, moderation and ongoing professional development.

Evidence for Learning has also transformed how parents/carers, external stakeholders and the learner themselves are engaged and involved in the entire learning process and journey. Not only can photos, videos and notes be easily and securely shared by the school, but parents/carers can capture and submit their own photos, videos and notes to reflect the learner’s development and experiences at home. Valuable collaboration.

Evidence for Learning can help you to:

  • Demonstrate impact and show clearly what learners can do as a result of your curriculum, pedagogy and support
  • Assess against ANY curriculum framework including your own custom-built frameworks
  • Evidence, assess and track progress against individual targets related to EHC Plans using your school’s own assessment model and schemes
  • Automatically link evidence, achievements, outcomes and judgements
  • Tools for working with and assessing the 5 areas of  engagement in line with new DfE requirements and guidance.
  • Report and analyse assessment and evidence data faster and more accurately
  • Save time and be better informed in planning, assessment and reporting
  • Better engage and involve parents in their child’s learning and development
  • Systemise assessment and moderation

Features include:

  • Work with your own customised assessment criteria and sets of individualised targets. Individualised learning plans, EHCPs, progression frameworks and/or accreditation
  • Record small and subtle improvements: photo/video/audio, notes judgements all linked to targets
  • Create Assessment Books using your own assessment schemes or commonly-used assessment models such as MAPP. Evaluate using the 5 areas of engagement (DfE, Jan 2020)
  • Quickly and easily build a learner profile for each pupil containing all evidence, notes and assessments relevant to their learning and development
  • Report and analyse assessment and evidence data – formative and summative assessment
  • Generate rich learning journeys in an instant
  • Share and engage with parents via our secure parent portal.  Parents can submit evidence

Imagine across your whole school…  being able to collect and access at any time, in an instant, hundreds of pieces of photo and video evidence, observation notes and reflections from a range of stakeholders – including those outside of school – ALL linked to each learner’s individual learning goals, as well as the relevant areas within your school’s curriculum. Imagine being able to use this evidence and data to inform professional judgements about progress and then to help moderate assessment. We invite you to get in touch with us and explore how, with Evidence for Learning, this could become a reality!

Introduction to Evidence for Learning

Introduction to Evidence for Learning

Evidence for Learning - Developing a truly personalised approach for SEND learners and ALL Learners

This video provides an overview of different ways in which Evidence for Learning (EfL) is used in a Complex Needs provision and attached mainstream school (Red Oaks Primary School in Swindon, UK). The school had been using Evidence for Learning (EfL) less than a year when the video was made.

Case Studies – EfL in action!

SEMH: Creating a multi-agency approach to the development of Social, Emotional and Mental Health

This short video shows how Palmerston School in Liverpool, UK is using Evidence for Learning with the Thrive Approach to develop healthy, happy, confident children who are ready and open to learning. The video looks at how Evidence for Learning facilitates a genuine multi-agency approach to supporting learners that is built on engagement and a process of Inquiry and collaboration.

Literacy: Modelling best practice for parents to help with reading and comprehension

In this short video, a teacher at Palmerston School in Liverpool, UK discusses how they use Evidence for Learning to record and annotate short 'training' videos for parents that model good literacy skills, such as how to decode phonics and good questioning.

Mathematics & Numeracy: Demonstrating mastery and depth of understanding

This short video looks at how Evidence for Learning (EfL) is used in a school to support, assess and demonstrate mastery and depth of understanding in a child's learning. It highlights how teachers are able to use Evidence for Learning to capture and annotate rich learning conversations with and between learners that demonstrate their understanding and level of mastery of key concepts and skills.

Explore Assessment

How to setup your Trial Cloud Subscription

This video steps through the process of setting up your Trial Cloud Subscription. It'll look at setting up your first device, adding system data to the Cloud, an introduction to the web Console and how to setup additional devices...

Tutorial - Setup the Assessment Module

Evidence for Learning - How to setup the Assessment Module

Tutorial - Using Assessment Book

Evidence for Learning - How to use the Assessment Book

Explore the PLGs (Personal Learning Goals)

Introduction to PLGs

Evidence for Learning - Introduction to PLGs (Personal Learning Goals)

PLGs Build a PLG Framework

Learn how to build a PLG Framework

PLGs Adapt a Framework

Evidence for Learning - PLGs Adapt a PLG Framework