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Episode 24: Well Being – Plans and Possibilities

This episode is a recording of the online conference and webinar on the topic Well Being that was held on 29th June 2021. The event and this recording contains presentations and talks from national leaders in the field of mental health,... Read More

Episode 23: Active Recovery (Part 2) – Panel Discussion – Reflections and Innovations

This episode builds on Episode #22 “Active Recovery (Part 1)” and continues the exploration and discussion of Active Recovery and its impact on well being and learning, as well as physical health. Professor Barry Carpenter CBE OBE FCCT discusses the... Read More

Episode 22: Active Recovery (Part 1) – Sport and Sensory Sanctuaries as part of Active Recovery

This episode hosted by Professor Barry Carpenter CBE OBE FCCT introduces Vicci Wells who is the National Manager for the Youth Sport Trust, as well as an ex-teacher. At a time of much debate as to how we support our... Read More