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Episode 19: Engagement (Part 3) – Panel Discussion – Innovations around Engagement

The episode builds on Episodes #17 and #18 “Engagement (Part 1) & (Part 2)” and continues the exploration of Engagement. Prof. Barry Carpenter CBE OBE FCCT and Beverley Cockbill discuss the topic of Engagement with a panel of guests: Vijita... Read More

Episode 7: A Recovery Curriculum Part 7: Sharon Gray OBE (Embark Federation & Wholehearted Learning)

In this episode we hear from Sharon Gray, OBE. Sharon has extensive experience in all sectors of education, but especially in the field of Social, Emotional and Mental Health, (SEMH), and with students who could be described as ‘on the... Read More

Episode 6: A Recovery Curriculum Part 6 Beverley Cockbill

In this episode Professor Barry Carpenter interviews Beverley Cockbill, who has extensive experience of children with Complex Needs through her research and practice, especially in relation to the Engagement Model. Bev describes how engagement is key to effective teaching and... Read More