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Capture Learning


Use the camera on your device to capture evidence of learning as it happens in the classroom, outdoors – ANYWHERE!

An Internet connection is NOT required to capture evidence.

Assess Learning against your frameworks


Make Judgements against ANY framework, using ANY scale or continuum

Create Learner Profiles and Grid Documents


Quickly generate professional-looking personalised learning journeys, learner profiles and progress grids at the touch of a button.

Share your reports and learner profiles with Evidence for Learning app


Effortlessly share evidence, learner profiles / journeys and progress grids with other teachers, key staff and parents.

Save Time

Save hours in vital planning, preparation and administration time. Allows for more face-to-face time with your learners.

Reduce Printing Costs & Save Money

Large and measurable savings in printing consumables. Most users see a return on the investment within months just in printing costs alone (paper, ink/toner). Many customers report savings of $80-$160 per month.

Parental Engagement

Sharing learning journeys, individual plans or progress grids with parents and carers is easy and can be done very quickly. Real-time progress / coverage grids and learning journeys make for an effective support tool for all parent / teacher conferences. Include photos sent in from parents within your learning journeys, putting the parents at the heart of the student’s learning. With the Cloud Licence you are provided with a secure web portal where parents or carers can access their child’s profiles and journeys.

All in ONE Place!

Ensures a higher quality of evidence captured and creates a consistent format across your whole organisation and all stored in ONE place. Many schools also keep copies of the learner journeys and profiles in their MIS (Management Information System).

Student Feedback

Share the learning journeys and learner profiles directly with learners as a feedback and reflection tool. Work together to encourage the learner (and their parents / carers) to understand their progress and to identify their next steps.

Outdoor Learning / Residential Trips

Fantastic for helping you and your learners to evidence all outdoor educational and extra-curricular activities. E.g. You can capture learning moments from Environmental and Field Studies or other practical / adventure activities that complement Personal, Social & Health Education.

Formative Assessment & Planning

Produce ONE-TOUCH real-time progress and coverage grids for individuals, groups or classes. Gives you an instant overview of how much evidence you have collected for each student and which parts of the curriculum they have covered.

Learning Gap Analysis

Progress and planning grids in the app give you instant and real time information to help with identifying gaps in learning and attainment. Helps with prioritising and planning appropriate interventions.

Staff Professional Development

A lot of our customer organisations use Evidence for Learning to support evidence portfolios for teachers working and studying towards meeting national professional standards. The app helps with monitoring professional development, trainee and NQT portfolio work.

The Evidence for Learning app is used by more than 40000 teachers and child care providers in across more than 40 countries to support assessment, planning and management of the curriculum.

Use Evidence for Learning to gather, annotate, assess, manage and curate evidence of children’s learning and their learning journeys.

Our optional Evidence for Learning Cloud allows for easy and fast sharing of your learner information, your evidence, your learner profiles and other documents between teachers, leadership,  administration and to parents.

Perfect for collecting and assessing work in all settings, especially Early YearsSENVisual Arts and Physical Education.

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Some of the Easy-to-Use Features

Capture Learning

Capturing Evidence

  • Add up to 3 images per piece of evidence
  • Add images from the Camera Roll on your device
  • Capture evidence whilst offline or online (ANYWHERE!)
  • ‘Capture NOW… Assess Later’!

Assess Learning against your frameworks

Assessing Evidence

The Evidence for Learning app works with ANY Assessment or Curriculum Framework

  • Many commonly-used frameworks are pre-loaded and ‘ready-to-use’
  • Browse and add new frameworks from a comprehensive and expanding Framework Library
  • Add your own frameworks
  • Framework support service available
  • Assign evidence to individual or groups of learners
  • ‘Tag’, Map and Add comments to your evidence
  • Add ‘Custom Tags’ (e.g. ‘WOW Moments, ‘Learning Walk’, Parents, …)
  • Create feedback forms as part of your documentation for parents or learners to sign

Create Learner Profiles and Grid Documents

Documenting Evidence – Producing Learner Journeys / Learner Profiles

Create Learner Journeys / Learner Profiles in an INSTANT at the touch of a button!

  • Filter your evidence by student, class, subject & date
  • Specify how you want to group & sort the evidence
  • Choose a template, title and font. Toggle high resolution and adjust other settings
  • Create a professional-looking, personalised PDF
  • Ensures a high quality and consistent format across your organisation

Create Learner Profiles and Grid Documents

Documenting Evidence – Producing Progress & Coverage Grids

Produce Progress and Coverage Grids in an INSTANT at the touch of a button!

  • First build a template: Choose learner (s), framework items, grid scheme, paper size and layout
  • Then… simply press the ‘Make a Grid’ button at any time to instantly generate a grid
  • Automatically creates a progress grid based upon the evidence collected to date

Share your reports and learner profiles with Evidence for Learning app

Sharing Evidence

Send your PDFs (Learner Journeys / Profiles and Progress / Coverage Grids) to:

  • Printer
  • Email
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, ONE Drive
  • Other apps installed on the device


Sharing Evidence and Collaborating – with Cloud Subscription

Store and manage all your key data centrally in the Evidence for Learning Cloud

  •  Learner data, evidence and documents (learner journeys / profiles and grids) automatically synchronised with Cloud. Shareable between multiple devices in your organisation
  • E.g. Other teachers, leaders and administrators can access learner information and learner journeys/profiles and grids via the Evidence for Learning Cloud
  • Share learner journeys /profiles with parents/carers via a secure web page
  • The Parent Access web portal is automatically created and managed by the app
  • The Parent Access web portal can be accessed by any Internet-connected device (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, etc.)

Learn more about the Cloud Services here:

Other Useful Features

Other Features

  • Import your existing learner data
  • Use Evidence for Learning with UNLIMITED students and classes!
  • Passcode access: lock the app with a 4-digit passcode
  • Define your own date ranges: week / term / semester / year
  • Create and re-use templates when adding comments to your documents

Lease the complete solution including iPads

Lease iPads for your school or setting

"This APP has empowered us to become more efficient assessors of our students, producing thorough and personal assessment reports.

The APP documents evidence so well and enables you to save in a cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Evidence Cloud, etc) and access on any device. One of the reasons we were drawn to this was because it enabled our Senior Leadership Team to monitor evidence without having to collect in a load of files and folders."

Chris McWilliam - Kew Woods Primary School, Southport, UK