Using Evidence for Learning to capture and assess engagement and learning in the classroomCapture and assess engagement and learningwith new tools to support an holistic approach
Using Evidence for Learning to capture and assess engagement and learning in the community, such as town training and independent living skills
Using Evidence for Learning to capture and assess engagement and learning at home
Using Evidence for Learning to capture and assess engagement and learning during work experience
Using Evidence for Learning to support professional conversations between colleagues

Welcome to the world of Evidence for Learning and Insights for Learning

Evidence for Learning has transformed how hundreds of SEND schools, colleges and provisions are able to evidence, assess, review and plan for meeting the unique needs of their SEND learners, especially in light of the Rochford Review.

It supports an Inquiry-based approach to education and provision, that allows ALL stakeholders in a child, young person or adult’s learning and development to quickly and easily gather photo and video evidence, linked to the individual’s learning goals as well as any key skills frameworks. Observations can be annotated and tagged to reflect your school’s basket of indicators in an instant. Evidence for Learning supports ANY assessment framework and ANY assessment model – including evidencing and tracking progress against individual learning intentions and targets related to Education Health & Care (EHC) Plans. What’s more, teachers can easily amend and add to these goals over time in order to respond to a learners’ ongoing needs and development.

All evidence gathered is automatically organised by the app and readily available on-demand to anyone in the school. Stakeholders can search for and sort evidence by any attribute, and schools use these features to save time and workload and crucially to be better informed during planning, moderation and ongoing professional development. The same tools support real time deep dives into any aspect(s) and area(s) of your school’s curriculum – allowing you to see how individual learners are experiencing your curriculum and how teaching is being personalised to support that learner’s needs. Evidence for Learning gives you a platform and the tools to develop and demonstrate connected practice which links curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

EfL has also transformed how parents/carers, external stakeholders and the learner themselves are engaged and involved in the entire learning process and journey – a multi-agency approach. Not only can photos, videos and notes be easily and securely shared by the school, but parents/carers can capture and submit their own photos, videos and notes to reflect the learner’s development and experiences at home and outside in the community. Invaluable collaboration and powerful at showing where learning and knowledge is beginning to be generalised.

Evidence for Learning is perfect for supporting the new Engagement Model as defined and in the recently published guidance from the Department for Education (2020). The app has been used for many years by schools  around the world to support engagement-oriented approaches, such as the models developed by Professor Barry Carpenter et al, and has been featured in a paper delivered by Professor Carpenter to the International Society of Early Intervention Conference, Sydney, June 2019.

Insights for Learning is the companion toolkit that runs alongside Evidence for Learning and can provide you and your stakeholders with valuable insights based on the rich treasure of information, data, interactions and evidence collected through Evidence for Learning. Crucially, in the same way that Evidence for Learning is completely customised to reflect your school’s curriculum and assessment approach and broader provision models, so Insights for Learning allows you to see the important information that helps leaders, teachers and other stakeholders have effective conversations about the learning going on in and out of school and quality of provision.

Evidence for Learning can help you to:

  • Create a rich, vivid and comprehensive picture of what learning, well being and progress look like for each of your learners
  • Demonstrate impact and show clearly what learners can do as a result of your curriculum, pedagogy and support
  • Assess against ANY curriculum framework including your setting’s own custom frameworks
    Evidence, assess and track progress against individual targets related to EHCPs using your school’s own assessment model and schemes
  • Automatically link evidence, achievements, outcomes and judgements
  • Tools for working with and assessing Engagement
  • Gain deeper insights into learner needs and the effective pedagogy required to support them
  • Save time and be better informed for planning, assessment and conversations about learning
  • Better Engage, empower and involve parents, families and carers in their child’s learning and development
  • Support a Multi Agency approach with rich, evidence-informed conversations
  • Nurture a culture of inquiry across your school
  • Generate and share data that better reflects the actual learning going on and progress being made by learners in and around school

Features include:

  • Work with your own customised assessment criteria and sets of individualised targets. Individualised learning plans, EHCPs, progression frameworks and/or accreditation
  • Frameworks can be easily and quickly edited and adapted over time as you need to make changes to reflect the needs of your learners
  • Record small and subtle improvements: photo/video/audio, notes judgements all linked to targets
  • Create Assessment Books using your own assessment schemes or commonly-used assessment models such as MAPP.
  • Evaluate using the Engagement Model (DfE, Jan 2020)
  • Quickly and easily build a learner profile for each pupil containing all evidence, notes and assessments relevant to their learning and development
  • Generate rich learning journeys in an instant
  • Share and engage with parents via our secure EfL Family App.  Parents can submit evidence
  • Report and analyse assessment and evidence data – formative and summative assessment
  • Gain instant, real time access for you and your stakeholders to valuable insights about learning, progress and much more, based on the rich treasure of information, data, interactions and evidence collected through Evidence for Learning

Using Evidence for Learning has transformed how we capture holistic progress over time, and has supported integrated provision. It is a way to share learning with parents and the multi-professional team… all with a device staff can keep in their pocket.

Evidence for Learning has truly revolutionised how we capture everything from pupil evidence, assessment and data in one centralised package. The sheer flexibility of the product allows us to use it across the whole school from 7-19 with an array of needs. The ability to move from extremely personalised targets right the way through to more formal accreditations means it is truly a one-stop-shop for all our needs. We have seen significant impacts across the whole school from allowing greater efficiency for Senior Leaders to complete complex moderation and triangulation, engaging and communicating with parents through to lightening the workload for teachers allowing them to focus on the important aspects of their role.

Imagine across your whole school… 

  •   Being able to collect and access at any time, in an instant, 100’s of pieces of rich photo and video evidence, observation notes and reflections from a range of stakeholders – including those outside of school
  •   ALL linked to each learner’s individual learning goals, as well as the relevant areas within your school’s curriculum and any other indicators you use for teaching and learning

Imagine being able to then use this evidence and data to:

  •   Inform planning and appropriate pedagogies for each learner and where next to take the learning
  •   Involve parents, carers, other stakeholders and the learner in the process of formative assessment
  •   Inform decisions about how best to develop, differentiate and personalise curriculum in response to the needs of your learners
  •   Inform conversations about progression; support professional judgements and to help triangulate and moderate assessment
  •   Inform decisions about how best to develop, differentiate and personalise curriculum in response to the needs of your learners
  •   Identify need and provide personalised CPD to staff, especially teaching assistants and support staff
  •   Clearly show the links between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment
  •   Educate and empower parents, carers and families as lifelong teachers and supporters of your learners
  •   Gain insights into school effectiveness and quality of provision at whole-school, cohort and individual learner level

We invite you to get in touch to arrange a phone call or webinar to explore how, with Evidence for Learning and Insights for Learning, this could become a reality!

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Case Studies – EfL in action!

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This short video shows how Palmerston School in Liverpool, UK is using Evidence for Learning with the Thrive Approach to develop healthy, happy, confident children who are ready and open to learning. The video looks at how Evidence for Learning facilitates a genuine multi-agency approach to supporting learners that is built on engagement and a process of Inquiry and collaboration.

Mathematics & Numeracy: Demonstrating mastery and depth of understanding

This short video looks at how Evidence for Learning (EfL) is used in a school to support, assess and demonstrate mastery and depth of understanding in a child's learning. It highlights how teachers are able to use Evidence for Learning to capture and annotate rich learning conversations with and between learners that demonstrate their understanding and level of mastery of key concepts and skills.

EHCPs: Planning & Personalising Assessment using Education, Health and Care Plan as a starting point

This short video shows how Green Park School in Wolverhampton, UK is using Evidence for Learning to capture and assess engagement and learning against EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) outcomes for learners. For more information, please contact us at www.evidenceforlearning.net.

Post 16 Provision: Developing a personalised and authentic curriculum for SEND learners

This short videos looks at how Palmerston School in Liverpool, UK supports its Post 16 Provision using Evidence for Learning. In particular it looks at the app helps the school collaborate with and support parents of learners, as well as capturing engagement and learning outside of school in the home, in the community and in workplace settings.

Parent Engagement & Empowerment: Nurturing and enhancing the triangular relationship

This short video looks at how Evidence for Learning (EfL) is used in a school to engage and empower parents as active partners in their child's learning. The school is Red Oaks Primary School in Swindon, UK and encompasses a Complex and Special Needs (SEN) provision and mainstream school.

Physiotherapy: Sharing Best Practice to support learners with SEND

In this short video, one of the physiotherapists at Alder Hey Hospital discusses and shows how he uses Evidence for Learning to share best practice with teachers and staff at Palmerston School, as well as parents and carers of learners at the school.

Prof. Barry Carpenter: Coaching Engagement and inter-rater reliability

In this video, Professor Barry Carpenter is working with a teacher at Green Park School in Wolverhampton, UK. It shows how Evidence for Learning can be used to provide meaningful video evidence to facilitate professional dialogues about learning. It also looks at how it can support moderation, coaching and CPD for teachers and teaching assistants.

Explore Assessment

How to setup your Trial Cloud Subscription

This video steps through the process of setting up your Trial Cloud Subscription. It'll look at setting up your first device, adding system data to the Cloud, an introduction to the web Console and how to setup additional devices...

Tutorial - Setup the Assessment Module

Evidence for Learning - How to setup the Assessment Module

Tutorial - Using Assessment Book

Evidence for Learning - How to use the Assessment Book

Explore the PLGs (Personal Learning Goals)

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Evidence for Learning - Introduction to PLGs (Personal Learning Goals)

PLGs Build a PLG Framework

Learn how to build a PLG Framework

PLGs Adapt a Framework

Evidence for Learning - PLGs Adapt a PLG Framework

Capture Learning


Use the camera on your device to capture evidence of learning as it happens in the classroom, outdoors – ANYWHERE!

Quickly and easily annotate and link evidence to any relevant learning outcomes /targets for the learner – link back to your school’s curriculum, learner’s EHCP outcomes and any short term targets. Your evidence can show progress from any starting point.

An Internet connection is NOT required to capture evidence.

Share your reports and learner profiles with Evidence for Learning app


All authorised staff, teachers and leaders have access to evidence and case studies for learners. Option to share and collaborate with parents, carers and external stakeholders such as Physiotherapists, SaLTs, OT, VI/HI advisers, etc.. These stakeholders can also be allowed to collect evidence and share observations fostering a truly multi-agency approach.

Pathway, phase and curriculum leads are able to access frameworks, assessment books and evidence to review and support deep dives into their areas of responsibility.

Formative Assessment


Make professional judgements that are informed and corroborated by the evidence collected. Assessments can be made against ANY framework – collective or completely-personalised (e.g. personal learning intentions and EHCPs) using ANY scale or continuum, such as MAPP or your own custom mastery/independence continuums.

Tools are pre-loaded that enable you to work with the New Engagement Model (DfE, 2020) both formatively and to produce your summative assessment for those learners that are not engaged in subject-specific learning.

Create Learner Profiles and Grid Documents


Quickly generate professional-looking personalised learning journeys, engagement reports, learner profiles, assessment books and curriculum coverage and progress grids at the touch of a button.

Plus interactive assessment books bring together ALL formative and observational data into ONE place to create video/photo-based case studies and time lines showing quality of provision, impact and progression through high quality evidence and professional reflections – alongside assessment data and professional judgements.

Massive Workload & Time Savings!

Save hours and effort in vital planning, preparation and administration time throughout the year but especially in preparing for critical learner meetings such as Annual Reviews, EHCP Meetings, Learning Conversations and of course Osted inspections. It allows for more face-to-face time with your learners.

Reduce Printing Costs & Save Money

Large and measurable savings in printing consumables. Most users see a return on the investment within months just in printing costs alone (paper, ink/toner). Many customers report savings of £50-£100 per month.

Parental Engagement and Empowerment

Sharing evidence, observations, learning ideas, learning journeys and  individual plans with parents and carers is easy and can be done very quickly. You can allow parents and carers to collect and submit phots, videos and examples of engagement, learning and progress made outside of school. Check out some of the short videos in the EfL in Action! area of our website for real life examples and lots of interviews with parents and carers at different schools.

SECURE and ALL in ONE Place!

Ensures a higher quality of evidence captured and creates a consistent format across your whole organisation and all stored in ONE secure centrally-hosted place that the school does NOT need to invest in and maintain. We are fully GDPR-compliant and host your data and act as your Data Processor in accordance with a Data Processing Agreement which conforms with the Data Protection Act 2018.

EHCPs, Personalised Assessment & the New Engagement Model (DfE, 2020)

Evidence, assess and track progress against individual targets derived from or related to Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and any other personalised learning goals for your learners. EfL provides you and all relevant stakeholders with rich evidence and qualitative data to support Annual Review and pupil progress meetings – enabling better identification of TRUE learner needs and potentials adjustments to any plans. You can apply your school’s custom-made or chosen assessment models (e.g. MAPP) to any collective or individualised assessment outcomes, plus there are tools for working with and assessing the 5 areas of  engagement in line with new DfE requirements and guidance.

Learning Outside School

Fantastic for helping you and your learners to evidence all outdoor educational and extra-curricular activities. E.g. Forest School, Work-based learning and work placements, travel and town training, residential trips and much more…

Formative Assessment, Planning & Summative Assessment

Assessment books can be created that are ‘bespoke’ to how your school organises curriculum and learning, and how you assess your learners. Teachers and school leaders can see all evidence, observations, notes, reflections and assessments in one place – linked to outcomes and targets, enabling better informed learning conversations and meetings about learners and curriculum.

Curriculum Deep Dives

Tags, frameworks, assessment books and the query and filter tools in EfL make curriculum deep dives into any aspects and areas of your school’s curriculum easy and quick to do – in real time and at any time! EfL allows you to see for yourselves and to show Ofsted and external stakeholders how individual learners are experiencing your curriculum and how teaching is being personalised to support that learner’s needs. Evidence of students’ work and learning is literally a tap away.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

EfL supporting teachers in making sound evidence-based judgements and identifying strengths in their practice. It facilitates and enhances staff and leaders being able to ask questions around learner need, professional practice and pedagogy – reflective practice. The collaborative nature of EfL combined with the treasure trove of annotated evidence provide a rich seam of CPD resources. Headteachers also report that the app provides excellent support and CPD for teaching assistants.

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