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Request a Demo and Walkthrough

A great way to explore how Evidence for Learning and Insights for Learning can work for your school or setting is with a guided tour!

Best of all, we can give you and any of your colleagues a comprehensive guided walkthrough from the comfort of school, home or any other location via a screenshare webinar.

During the webinar we can discuss and look at how EfL and Insights could be customised and configured to support how your school or college organising curriculum and general provision and its unique assessment needs.

We’ll also show you how it’s being used by different schools and colleges around the country and world.

You’ll see examples of lots of different and unique approaches to assessment and curriculum/general provision and we’ll help you to identify ways in which it could be set up and used to support your school or setting.

You can then go on to explore some of these elements as part of a FREE trial.

When you submit the form below we’ll be in touch to organise a webinar session. Please feel free to suggest any preferred days/times that work for you and/or your colleagues.

NB. We typically try to arrange webinars from 11:30am onwards. Twilight sessions are perfectly fine. Webinars typically last 45-60 mins.

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