Here are some of the things people are saying about the Evidence for Learning app.

“Without a doubt the biggest impact of using ‘Evidence for Learning’ is on staff time and organisation of information. The product’s price in comparison to hours saved represents great value.”

Aron Veres, Strategic ICT Operations Manager – Wilson Stuart School, Birmingham, UK

“‘Evidence for Learning’ is a very efficient product which saves considerable amounts of time, making an immediate and already significant return on our investment…”

Jeremy Teehan, Head Teacher – Le Murier School, Guernsey, Channel Islands

“It’s awesome how quickly I can do this and get on with face to face work with the children”

Di Hogg – The Preschool Hub, South Australia 

“I had more completed pieces of evidence in two weeks than I had received in six months!”

Emma Percy, Principal – Little Guffalos Nursery, Wakefield, UK 

“AMAZING app for simplifying documentation ★★★★★”
by Becky Palmer – Version 2.4

“I teach Senior Kindergarten in a play-based learning environment and this APP makes it so easy to document my students’ learning all without interrupting the rich learning that is taking place through play.

I’ve never written a review before now but I just had to write one for this APP. I can’t say enough incredible things about it! It is easy to use, the updates are frequent and they are always improving and making an already amazing app even better. Love the new update that displays how many pieces of Evidence you have for each student. I had been thinking that I would love that feature and then Bam! It was here. The ability to quickly take photos of my students’ learning ‘in action’, add a comment or even scribe what they are discussing amongst themselves is amazing. Linking the learning to the curriculum within the APP makes it even better.

To have it all organized in one place that is so easily published or accessible for assessments has made tracking and documenting student learning so meaningful and authentic for me and my students. We can go back and reflect on their learning together by viewing a Learning Journey, or I can print out a grid and use the info for reporting. So easy!

The tech support has been overwhelmingly amazing. Fast replies and always very willing to help troubleshoot when I was starting out.”

I use it every day, all day and I can’t wait to see what update they come out with next!!!

“Great APP – does what it says on the tin, very easy to use, saves loads of time in the SEN environment where pictorial evidence is key – customer support is very prompt and friendly.”

Ann Storey – Park Lane School, Macclesfield, UK

“It’s as easy as taking a photo, tagging the objectives and pressing ‘save’. All my evidence is organized in one easy APP.”

Adam Butterworth – Western Road Primary School, Lewes, UK

“This APP has empowered us to become more efficient assessors of our students, producing thorough and personal assessment reports.

The APP documents evidence so well and enables you to save in a cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Evidence Cloud, etc) and access on any device. One of the reasons we were drawn to this was because it enabled our Senior Leadership Team to monitor evidence without having to collect in a load of files and folders.”

Chris McWilliam – Kew Woods Primary School, Southport, UK

“Evidence for Learning is my cyber Teaching Assistant.

No more searching for the camera at the bottom of the draw, no more post it notes stuck all over my desk, no more cutting ,sticking and writing out the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) for hours on end! Evidence for learning does it all!

This ease of use of the APP, clear concise layout and adaptability made it a clear winner for us. We were able to navigate the app using the inbuilt user guide as well as accessing the tutorials to watch on YouTube which was a great help for those staff who are not that confident using the iPad.

Subscribing to Evidence for Learning has allowed us to personalise the APP to our needs, adding the school logo and changing the font are just two great features of this APP that have produced some very professional reports for parents.

After trialling other Learning Journey APPs we found that Evidence for Learning offers far more, it offers scope to change features to your own needs and preferences without complication and works with any curriculum framework so is very versatile.

Above all the communication and customer service have been second to none. We have been made to feel valued almost as part of theTeacherCloud team as we have been asked for our input and ideas which have then been listened to.

With this company attitude I feel this APP will just get bigger and even better than it already is and therefore makes for a solid investment for any school or early years setting.”

Natalie Searson – Newcroft Primary School, Loughborough, UK

“The Evidence for Learning APP has allowed us to streamline our paperwork, this means more time spent with children whilst still exceeding our NQF (National Quality Framework) reporting, and assessment of learning elements.

With each child’s record being able to be emailed to parents as it is created encourages families to take an active role in their child’s learning.

The way the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) outcomes are selected makes it simple for a thorough assessment of each child’s learning with the ability to also create group observations in one step.

The Evidence for Learning APP is the best time saver that allows educators to be where they should be – with the children, not stuck in front of a computer!

Amanda Botfield – Shine Early Learning Centre, Terrigal NSW, Australia