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Welcome to Evidence for Learning

Evidence for Learning is a software system that allows ALL stakeholders in a child, young person or adult’s learning and development to quickly and easily gather photo and video evidence, linked to the individual’s learning goals as well as any key skills framework. Observations can be annotated and tagged to reflect the your organisation’s basket of indicators as well.

We’ve worked closely with hundreds of leading schools, colleges, nurseries and other educational settings to ensure a versatile yet easy-to-use solution, which supports ANY assessment framework and ANY assessment model – including evidencing and tracking progress against individual targets. It also comes preloaded with lots of sample frameworks for you to use and adapt.

All evidence gathered is automatically organised by the system and readily available on-demand to any authorised person in the organisation. Stakeholders can search for and sort evidence by any attribute, and our customers use these features to save time and be better informed during planning, moderation and ongoing professional development.

Evidence for Learning has transformed how parents/carers, external stakeholders and the learner is engaged and involved in the entire learning process and journey. Not only can photos, videos and notes be easily and securely shared by the school or setting, parents/carers can submit their own photos, videos and notes to reflect the child’s development and experiences at home – helping to demonstrate generalisation of skills and knowledge.


General Overview

Introduction to Evidence for Learning

Introduction to Evidence for Learning

Working with Personalised Learning Outcomes

Introduction to PLGs

Evidence For Learning - Introduction to PLGs (Personal Learning Goals) Learn about our adaptable personalised learning PLG Frameworks and Assessment Books that can change to meet the needs of the Learner.

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To access and trial the full suite of tools and cloud-based services, including:

  • Centralised, SECURE and backed-up storage and access for all your evidence and assessment data – across multiple devices.
  • Cloud-based set up of your data via any device (computer or tablet)
  • Assessment module
  • PLG (Personal Learning Goal) module
  • Parent / Carer Engagement tools

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