How to Setup your Trial

How to Setup your Trial



Watch the video below to learn how to Setup your Cloud.



Watch the video below to learn how to Setup your Devices.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a Standalone Subscription to a Cloud Subscription then it’s worth watching the video but bear in mind that any devices that need pairing that already contain Evidence, Learners and other data you want to KEEP then do not use the QuickPair process as this will wipe any Evidence and Frameworks etc already on the device (see Manual Pairing process).



Head over to the Help Center to learn more about…

  • Capture Evidence and Make Learning Journeys
  • PLGs (Personal Learning Goals) – Use for Personalised Learning Intentions, Outcomes or Targets that adapt over time (e.g. Outcomes based on EHC Plans)
  • Work with your own Skills and Subject Curriculum Frameworks
  • Assessment
  • Parental Engagement




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