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Working with Families Conference

Redefining family partnerships and authentic co-production in a school community

A unique networking and collaborative learning and development opportunity…

… for leaders at schools, colleges and settings across the country to come together for a day of sharing and development.

Join us…

We’re thrilled to invite you and your colleagues to attend the following event:

Date: 5th March 2024

Time: 9:30 to 2:45pm

Location: Swiss Cottage School Development Research Centre, London

Full day event. Lunch and refreshments provided.


The day will feature:

– Keynote sessions and workshops
Case studies from schools
Case studies from families and learners
– Most importantly roundtable discussions providing opportunities to connect, share and learn with colleagues from across the community.
– Networking opportunities over lunch and refreshments.

* The day will be a great opportunity to share and discuss with other school leaders and practitioners what are effective strategies and approaches to engaging, working with and empowering families. *


Speakers / Facilitators include:

Prof. Barry Carpenter CBE, Vijita Patel (Swiss Cottage School DRC), Trystan Williams (Venturers Trust), Alistair Crawford (St Martins & St Andrews Schools)

** Most importantly we’ll also hear from families and learners **


In a turbulent society and uncertain education landscape the relationships between home and school have perhaps never been as important as they are today. Our ‘working with families‘ national conference delves beyond the rhetoric and buzz phrases to explore what co-production really looks and perhaps more importantly feels like to the families we serve in our settings.

Learners, parents, grandparents and siblings with authentic lived experience will share their perspectives on what schools could and should be doing to develop and nurture trusting relationship that see the child flourish.

Keynote sessions, panel discussions and illuminations from learners punctuate a day of collaboration and networking.




Talking to families, listening to families (Keynote speech from Professor Barry Carpenter CBE)

Families are big, small, extended, nuclear, multi-generational, with one parent, two parents, same sex parents, and grandparents. We live under one roof or many. A family can be as temporary as a few weeks, as permanent as forever. We become part of a family by birth, adoption, marriage or from a desire for mutual support. A family is a culture unto itself, with different values and unique ways of realising its dreams. Together, our families become the source of our rich cultural heritage and spiritual diversity. Our families create neighbourhoods, communities states and nations.

In this session Barry explores the dynamic of a modern day family and through the lens of a parent, grandparent and professional the best ways in which schools can collaborate, connect and learn alongside experts by experience.


Family learning & Co-production at Swiss Cottage School DRC (Vijita Patel & panel of parents, Swiss Cottage School DRC)

Vijita & a panel of parents from Swiss Cottage discuss their school experience and the ways in which they work in partnership to co-produce aspirational and very personalised learning journeys. The panel will explore trusting and equal relationships in which parents are seen as co-pilots not passengers in their child’s education and how sharing evidence between home and school can support a laser focus on learning and progress that is most meaningful.


Siblings & SEND (Trystan Williams, Venturers Trust)

When we think about working with families our focus will most often be on parents and carers. In this session Trystan will share his lived experience as a sibling including the challenges and joyous moments his sister has brought and continues to bring into his life. Trystan will share his unique perspective as to schools can best understand and support the siblings of learners with SEND.


My Voice (Learners at Swiss Cottage School DRC)

The amazing learners at Swiss Cottage illuminate and punctuate our day with a series of lightning talks in which they will share their hopes, aspirations, unique learning journeys and how we as professionals can best support them.


Roundtable carousel

Our afternoon consists of a series of roundtable discussions in which leading experts will share their practice and experience on Transitions, Preparing for Adulthood, Family learning and the use of evidence & EfL to support communication and co-production


Networking & Collaboration

As with all EfL LearningShared events, the emphasis of each day will be on discussion, learning and networking… giving you lots of opportunity to meet and forge relationships with new partners and collaborators for your professional networks. The format of the whole day is roundtable discussion and networking, both structured through our agenda and freeform during lunch and break times.

** This is a very unique opportunity to come together with leaders from mainstream settings across the region and country for a full day of shared learning and networking. **


Please note: The precise agendas for the event may vary slightly. Please get in touch with any queries.


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