EfL and St Martins SEND Networking and Development Day: 6th Feb 2020

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EfL & St Martins School SEND Networking and Development Day – 6th Feb 2020

We’re pleased to invite you and your colleagues to the EfL & St Martins School SEND Networking and Development Day on Thurs 6th February 2020 at St Martins School in Alvaston, Derby. 

The event is an opportunity for SEND schools, colleges and settings to come together for a day of sharing and development.

In addition to workshops and presentations led by Diane Rochford, Professor Barry Carpenter and Simon Mosley (ex-Regional SEND Lead for Ofsted) there will be lightning talks from schools and structured round table discussions.

Thanks to the generous support of Alistair Crawford at the school, the event is FREE to attend for organisations that use EfL and a FREE LUNCH will be provided.  

At Evidence for Learning, we’ve run similar meetings around the country during the last 12 months, including a national conference in July, and the meetings have always been a great opportunity to hear how individual SEND schools, colleges and resources use EfL.

There are now more than 50 SEND schools and settings across the Midlands region alone using EfL and just under 400 SEND schools nationally so there’s a wealth of general experience and this will be a unique chance to catch up and hear what schools are doing generally in terms of curriculum and assessment – and in particular how they are adapting to the new EIF.

Reflective practice and developing a ‘Finding out culture’ in your school

The underlying theme of this event will be the exploration and discussion of how as leaders and practitioners we can develop truly personalised approaches to curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, as well as systemise reflective practice and inquiry across the whole school – particularly in light of the new 2019 Ofsted Framework, the Rochford Review (2016) and the soon to be released DfE guidance for the Engagement Model.

With the expertise and experience in the room, including Prof. Barry Carpenter, Diane Rochford, Simon Mosley and more than 30 SEND school leaders and lead practitioners, we’ll be exploring and discussing among other topics, the following questions:

How do we lead the move away from assessment based on P-levels at our school?

How can we have a conversation about progression without numbers or ‘levels’?

What is the role of evidence and how do we use it to support progression in pedagogy?

What are the features and characteristics of inquiry-based leadership?

What are the opportunities for EfL to contribute to personalised CPD? 

In what ways can EfL contribute to the professional learning of Teaching Assistants?

What are the ramifications for SEND of the new 2019 Ofsted Framework? 

In addition to the broader discussion and sharing around curriculum and assessment, the day will obviously be a fantastic opportunity to expose yourself and key people at your school to the benefits of EfL, and practical things you can do at your school to ensure you’re getting the best outcomes from it. It ought to be very useful in helping you plan ahead on your EfL implementation.

The EfL team will be on hand to answer questions and we’ll be giving an update on some of the new and forthcoming features and tools. We have a number of new features in EfL and Insights for Learning that have gone ‘live’ over the summer and during the autumn term and we have lots more targeted for release in the first half of 2020.

As with all the other events we’ve run, the emphasis of the day will be on discussion, learning and networking… giving you lots of opportunity to meet and forge relationships with new partners and collaborators for your professional networks. 

The day is very much for you, and we sincerely want to make it one of the most useful and informative professional development and networking events of the year for you. 

Event Details…


Thursday 6th February 2020


St Martins School

The address is:

The Derwent Campus
Bracknell Drive
DE24 0BT

Tel: 01332 571151

Further details and notes on how to get there:

Venue details: St Martins Special School, Derby


9:00am: Arrival & welcome refreshments

9.30am : Start

2.15pm : Finish

We’ll be providing lunch and refreshments.


FREE OF CHARGE (for organisations that use EfL)

This includes refreshments and lunch!

Booking Form

Please use the form below to book up to 3 places at the event.

Please complete all the details for each delegate. In particular, please let us know which event(s) they will be attending. 

Once you’ve completed the form, you will receive an automated confirmation email in the meantime.

If you have any questions about the event, have trouble submitting the booking form or are interested in presenting a short lightning talk or presentation at this or any future events, please email alan.wood@theteachercloud.net.

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