Web Console – Getting Started

Web Console

The Web Console has arrived!

We’re really excited the Web Console has arrived.  Version 1 brings with it the ability to view, edit and capture Evidence from the web-browser on your PC/Mac or mobile device.  This is just the beginning, all features that you know and love from the iPad version will be added to the Web Console over the coming months.

Where do I start?

First we need to enable your Web Console.  (Send a request via the Contact Us page)

Each School or Setting is given a unique Domain.

Your Users will need the Domain and a Username and Password.

You can access via the generic link…


or with a personalised link for your unique Domain

https://web.evidenceforlearning.net/efl/login/<your domain>

If you use your personalised link the Domain value will be pre-filled and users will only need their Username and Password to login

How to Login

Setup your Users (Administrators Only)

View, Edit and Add Evidence