Cloud Subscription

The Cloud Subscription is designed for organisations that want to use the Evidence for Learning app across multiple devices in their setting.

You can think of the Evidence for Learning Cloud as ‘sitting over the top’ of the app as it runs on each of your devices throughout the setting. It’s a secure, web-based Cloud system which effectively acts as an online central repository for:

  • All of your System Data (Learners, Groups, Frameworks, Tags, Comment Templates and Date Ranges)
  • Your evidence/observations (as they are gathered on your devices and automatically saved to the Cloud)
  • The documents and grids that are generated based on the observations

With the Cloud, it doesn’t matter which device is used to gather observations for learners. All evidence is automatically saved and ‘centralised’ to the Cloud and documents and grids are generated using the whole pool of data – not just the data that was collected on any one device.

The Cloud also comprises a set of tools to enable you to manage and share this data, as well as a secure Parent Portal that lets you share documents and grids (e.g. learner journals) with approved parents or carers of your learners. It is a secure service and you have complete control over ‘if’, ‘when’ and ‘what’ the Cloud Service shares with parents/carers. The Parent Portal is accessible from any device (iOS, Android, PC or Mac).

Need help with your Cloud Subscription?

Learn how to setup your data and your devices for the Cloud…

Setup common System Data across all of your devices…

Using common System Data (held centrally in the Cloud) makes it easier to setup each device and maintain a consistent, systemised approach to gathering observations and tracking learning across your organisation.

  • Learners
  • Groups
  • Frameworks
  • Tags
  • Comment Templates
  • Date Ranges

Share Learners, Frameworks, Tags and Data Ranges

Evidence is auto-synced and backed-up to the Cloud

Collaborate with your colleagues (e.g. classroom or learning support assistants) when gathering observations and capturing evidence using multiple devices.

  • When  connected to the Internet, evidence is automatically saved to the learner’s profile in the Cloud.
  • Evidence for learners that is collected on different devices is automatically saved and centralised (when the app is connected to the Internet)
  • Evidence can be accessed,edited or used by staff on different devices within your organisation.

Transfer Evidence Data

Cloud Profiles…

Learner Profiles in the Cloud are accessible from any device. For example, your organisation’s leadership can access and view evidence and reports (documents and grids) in the Cloud for all learners via their own device.

  • Evidence collected on multiple devices is saved to the Cloud Profile.
  • Move Documents & Grids from the learner profile on the device to the Cloud profile.
  • Built in Recycle Bin for deleted Documents and Grids, as well as Usage Indicator.

Cloud Profiles

Parental Engagement…

Share selected documents with parents via a secure webpage (works with Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry…).

  • Centrally control parents’ email addresses and password resets.
  • Notify parents of credentials and updates to cloud profiles.
  • Parents login, change password and access their child’s leaner profiles


Parent Engagement

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