With Evidence for Learning 5.0 we have launched the Assessment Module.*

It lets you define, create and use Assessment Schemas so that you can perform summative assessment with your frameworks – integrated with the evidence already gathered and formative assessment tools built into Evidence for Learning.

So instead of simply being able to link evidence and observations against individual statements within your framework, you can also record professional judgements reflecting on the depth of learning, mastery, competence or context, level of support, etc… using your own defined scale or continuum. You can define and assess up to 5 independent aspects for each assessable outcome (Assessment Item).

The assessment data can then be exported as a csv/spreadsheet for data and cohort analysis.

Features include:

  • Quickly and easily convert ANY of your Frameworks into an Assessment Framework that can be assessed using the Assessment Module.
  • Define Assessment Aspects and Assessment Schema (e.g. Continuum for Skills Development (CSD); “Emerging, Developing, Secure”; etc…) for assessing your outcomes and statements. Use or adapt our pre-loaded Aspects, or alternatively create your own!
  • Assess MULTIPLE Aspects (up to 5) for any of your outcomes or statements.
  • Record judgements against headings and sub-headings in your (Assessment) Frameworks…. not just the Framework statements.
  • Assessment Books provide access to ALL assessment and evidence data in ONE easy-to-digest view, enabling informed judgements.
  • Export the data within your Assessment Books for analysis.

Watch the short video below for a quick overview of how the Assessment Module works…

… then when you’re ready to try it for yourself, use the form below to request a call with one of our team to trial or set it up on your existing subscription*

* The Assessment Module requires a Cloud Subscription.

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