This Tutorial was written for EfL 4.5

Start sharing evidence with parents via the secure web-based parent portal

For each evidence you can choose to share just photos and videos, or comments and tags too.

As with all Parent Services anything shared can only be seen by activated parent accounts.  Easy to use, turn it on and begin sharing evidence with parents.  You have control over which evidence is shared with which parents.

Step 1 – Turn it on

From the Cloud Admin Menu choose Enable Parent Services.










When it comes to sharing evidence, you can choose to share just the photos and videos or you can choose to share photos and videos, comments and tags.  So, choose to share ‘Photos and Videos’.










Then switch on ‘Comments and Tags’ too.











Step 2 – Share Evidence

Now in the Cloud Profile for a learner you will see blue indicators over the thumbnails for the evidence which shows you whether evidence is not shared, shared Photo/Video or shared Photo/Video, Comments and Tags.










To change the share permissions you can tap the indicators to quickly toggle through the 3 possible configurations for evidence – not shared, share Photo/Video or share Photo/Video Comments and Tags.

Or you can edit the evidence and tap the banner across the top to toggle between the 3 possible states.




























You can only set the share status when the status is published (green box).  Draft evidence is never shared with parents.











Step 3 – Check with Parent View

If you tap the Parent View link in the top right you will be taken to a screen that shows you what the parents can see if their accounts are active.









What the Parent will see

And this is what the parent will see…



















You can see, as per the blue indicators over the thumbnails in the screen shot in step 3 above, that the first evidence is sharing the Photos/Videos Comments and Tags, whereas the second evidence is only sharing it’s Photos/Videos.

In case of Emergency

If you need to quickly hide evidence that you have shared you have a few options…

You can change the evidence to not shared when editing.

You can deactivate the parent account to block all services for that parent.

You can switch OFF the Journal Feed content (either Comments and Tags or Photos/Videos, Comments and Tags) as needed in the Cloud Admin, this will apply to all parent accounts.


When looking at the thumbnail in the list evidence view you will see an indicator in to show if the evidence is shared at all.  That is just for information.  To change the share configuration you need to tap on the evidence and edit it.  You can’t do it by tapping on the thumbnail itself.

What now?

Please take a look at the articles below for further information on how to use the parent services…






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Article Name
Evidence for Learning Tutorial: Using the Journal Feed
Tutorial: This blog will step you through the process of using the Journal Feed.