This Tutorial was written for EfL 4.5.1

With Evidence for Learning (EfL) version 4.5 we have introduced new Parent Services, a set of tools that make it possible for you to share evidence and PDF documents with parents and parents can submit comments and feedback to you.

Parents can only access the services you have enabled via the secure web-based Parent Portal and to login to that they need an account.  This step by step guide tells you how to setup a parent account.

Step 1 – Add parent email address

To create a parent account for the learner you will need to add the parent name and email address into the space provided in the learner record.  You can specify one or two separate accounts, these can be activated independently of each other.  It’s a good idea to verify the email addresses you are using.

IMPORTANT: The owner of the email address specified will receive the instructions, the password and the link to access the photo, videos, comments and PDF reports that you choose to share.










Step 2 – Activate the parent account

Now the parent account exists you need to activate the account and send instructions and a password to the parent.

Open the Cloud Admin menu, scroll down to Parent Services and tap on Parent Accounts.

Choose a group or all learners to manage











The screen above shows a list of learners in the group you chose or all learners, on the right hand side you can see 2 indicators, P1 refers to parent 1 and P2 refers to parent 2.  red indicator mean OFF, green indicator means Activated.

Choose a learner, I’ve chosen Annie Smith.  I have added Gary Smith, her father. parent 2 is not configured as you can see.











I can use the switch on the right hand side to activate the parent account.











Once I’ve activated the account I can see I now have 2 buttons I can press for the parent account. I can ‘Send Access Instructions’ and I can ‘Reset and Send Password’

Step 3 – Send instructions and password

Use the Send Access Instructions button to send an email to the address, this email will have a brief introduction and the unique link to their child’s online profile in the parent web site.

The parent will need to tap on the link they receive.  It’s the only way to access the parent website.  It’ll take them to a web page prompting them for a password.











Reset & Send Password does exactly what it says on the tin.  First it resets the password and then sends then a copy and tells the parent to login and change the password.



If a parent has never had a parent account before they will need both the access instructions and the password.

If a parent has forgotten their password you will need to use the Reset & Send Password option.

Only Parents get to see passwords.

To block access for a parent open up the screen in step 2 and de-Activate the parent account.

The first time you setup parent accounts, it’s a good idea to add yourself as a parent and run through the steps.  That way you will see what the parents will see.  When ready you can use the actual parent email address.

What now?

Please take a look at the articles below for further information on how to use the parent services…






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Evidence for Learning Tutorial: How to setup parent accounts
Tutorial: This blog will step you through the process to setup your parent accounts ready for you to share evidence and PDF documents.