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Personalising the documentation of Play Based Learning

Duane Smith and the Early Years team at the Istanbul International Community School (IICS), Turkey write… Our team was exploring ways to make documentation more efficient, authentic and part of our daily routine. At IICS, both teacher and student learning proposals are planned with...
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BETTER QUALITY data… INCREASED parental engagement and involvement… but LESS paperwork

Claire Reilly of Grand-Y-Care Academy in Lanark, Scotland writes… At Grand-Y-Care, we are passionate about how we can best support the development of all children in our care while facilitating fun child led play experiences. Afterall, what setting or school isn’t? However,...
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Parent Services – Using the Parent Comments

Introduction This Tutorial was written for EfL 4.5 The parent comments are a useful way to receive feedback from your parents.  You can ‘star’ comments to make finding comments that contribute to the learning process easier and you can approve comments...
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