With more and more schools, nurseries and childcare providers adopting Digital Learning Journeys to support formative assessment, we asked educators and education leaders who are using Evidence for Learning to share what they see as some of the major benefits and why they have adopted the approach.  Here’s some of the feedback:

  • Digital Learning Journeys provide a framework for a consistent approach to planning and assessment.“The Evidence for Learning app enables for a uniformed approach throughout the setting to planning and assessment which is very important to us. The Learning Journeys in this format look great and professional.” Andrea Adamson (Coppull St John’s CE Pre-School)
  • Eliminate HOURS of paperwork each week… allowing more time with children. “The Evidence for Learning app allows me to concentrate on the children’s learning, whilst ensuring it is professionally written up with no fuss…..no time for fuss in our demanding Preschool day! Also, it’s an inclusive affair…..our 4 year old children love watching the Learning Journeys emerge as they help with the Comments section by co-writing the story about the photo of themselves while I type.”  Di Hogg (The Hub Pre-school)
  • Gather evidence and record assessments on a mobile device at the point of observation …in an instant, with simple taps of your finger or thumb!“We would often take photos to record evidence but then forget what the photos were representing and the initial true meaning behind the photo was being lost.” Emma Percy (Little Gruffalos) 
  • Access evidence, previous assessments and Learning Journeys in one PORTABLE place. “If I see one of the children balancing on one leg for example, I can quickly check if I have recorded that achievement and I don’t waste my time repeating an observation if it has already been recorded.” Becky Iredale (Registered Childminder) 
  • Going digital saves money …printer ink, ring binders, paper, post-it notes, glue sticks and staff time.“I have to say it is probably my best investment to date.” Maria Bradbury (Stepping Stones Group) 
  • Always ready for inspection or audit! “[In England] Ofsted is now focussing on looking for progress over time, and this can be difficult to show for children who struggle to produce written work. The app has given us a consistent format for recording a  wider variety of evidence of progress not only in national curriculum subjects, but in personal development and any other specific areas where a child is receiving additional support.” Lisa Armstrong (Lythe School)
We originally developed the Evidence for Learning app back in 2013 to give teachers and childcare professionals a simple, fast and flexible way to gather learning observations and then to organise the evidence and create rich, professional digital learning journeys and progress reports. Our goal was to explore how we could use technology to take the time and manual effort out of the process and ultimately get to the critical “data” quickly, so that teachers and leaders can review and make important decisions when they need to – i.e. on demand, at ANY time. Not just after the teacher’s had a chance to get the camera, printer, photos, scissors, post-it notes and children’s work together and have a big session updating the learning journeys manually!

Nearly 2 years later, and now with the benefit of ongoing feedback and support from the thousands of teachers across the world who use the app everyday, we’re still at it! Striving to continually improve the process, coming up with new tools and widgets to make the task of gathering observations and documenting and assessing learning more effective, more efficient. .. and hopefully…more fun.


We recently put together this short video showing a step-by-step guide to using the Evidence for Learning app to:

      • Gather learning observations; and
      • Create Digital Learning Journeys;


We’d love to hear about your own experiences of creating and using digital learning journeys, or if you have any suggestions, tips or feedback of your own. You can get straight through to us via our online ‘Contact’ form:


Thanks for reading. 🙂


PS. If you haven’t already, you can download the Evidence for Learning app for free (from the App Store) and start exploring and experimenting with using your phone or iPad to gather and assess learning observations and create digital learning journeys and a range of coverage, progress and tracking grids:

DOWNLOAD the Evidence for Learning app from the App Store.

(It’s a FREE download with no payment obligations or credit card required)


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Why Digital Learning Journeys?
This article discusses why digital learning journeys are being used to support formative assessment and to create evidence-based assessments for learning in schools, nurseries and childcare providers.